Nurul Izyan Binte Rusli

Little Footprints Preschool (Choa Chu Kang)

Nurul Izyan Binte Rusli
30 Oct 2021

LFP CCK: Keeping our promise to save the Earth!

After the pre-interview, the children were encouraged to look at how Man’s actions have an impact on Earth (both positive and negative).

As the Kindergarten 2 children were exploring the theme on ‘Ocean’, they related these impacts in regards to the ocean and sea creatures. They met a neighbourhood man who enjoys fishing through the zoom platform, where he shared his observation of the Singapore waters with them. He noted that although the condition of the water has greatly improved since olden days, there is still a lot to be done to keep plastic waste and rubbish out of the oceans.

Following that, they were engaged in discussions to discover ways to show how they can protect Earth and its oceans, such as prevention of pollution, conservation of energy and water, 3Rs as well as looking after the public places on Earth.

One of the activities that the children were engaged in revolved around the use of recycling bins! They recognised the different signs for the materials - metal, glass, paper and plastic. Not only that, they practised sorting garbage according to recyclables and non-recyclables, hazardous waste and food waste.

The children also decided to create posters to reach a wider audience regarding the need to save our planet. They worked together in pairs, where they brainstormed on the specific message that they wanted to portray in their posters.

With their completed posters, they walked around the centre to share their knowledge and remind the educators and their peers to practice green habits!

The children unanimously agreed that recycling is one of the best methods to cut down on waste. Throughout the journey, they utilised materials that were collected at our in-house recycling centre to create artworks or simply to give “new life” to old items.

Not only did they nurture their creativity in discovering new ways to reuse these unwanted items, they also played a part in reducing waste and ultimately, making a small step towards cleaner oceans as well. At the end of the project, the children proudly stood on our stage to share their wonderful and useful creations as well!

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