Siti Sahra Bte Samsudin

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Nanyang Blk 934 (KN)

Siti Sahra Bte Samsudin
30 Aug 2018

Let Kindness Grow in Us - Part III (N2Care & N2Share)

Every act of kindness grows the spirit and strengthens the soul.

N2 Care and N2 Share are back to share on their visit to Jurong West Nursing Home on 28 August 2018! They were excited to have tea time with the residents in the nursing home. The children, together with the help of their parents, prepared egg sandwiches for the residents before we set off to the home.

The children took a walk to the nursing home and met with Mr Mahathir, the person in charge of the nursing home. They listened attentively to Mr Mahathir’s introduction to the nursing home and its rules.

The N2s did a performance for the elderly too. After a month of training, they finally able to showcase their talent in singing and dancing. The residents enjoyed the performances as they participated along with the children.

After the enjoyable performances, the children served the residents their tea. Teachers, children as well as the parents had the opportunity to interact with the residents. We even had karaoke session while having our tea.

It was time to bid farewell. The N2s distributed goodie bags to the residents and shake hands with them. Hugs are given, goodbye songs were sang to mark the end of the visit. As a token of appreciation, Madam Mahani, Principal of PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Nanyang Blk 934, gave Mr Mahathir an appreciation board which has been prepared earlier by the teachers and children. With a heavy heart, the children left the nursing home waving goodbye to the residents.

It has been an exciting term with the planning and preparation of the Start Small Dream Big Project. Children as well as teachers have learned and gained new experiences along the way. We look forward to another event next year in contributing back to the community and society.

Thank you!

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