Ms Ninia

Presbyterian Community Services @ Ghim Moh

Ms Ninia
1 Aug

Let’s Washy, washy, wash

One of the important things that we need to do during the pandemic is washing out hands. Using soap or hand sanitisers are the ways to step up our ways to fight the virus. 

One of the activities done in class is to show the importance of washing hands with soap.

The teachers did a demo using gloves and paint on how to wash properly, following the “washy, washy, clean” video from HPB. The children were able to see that, simply putting on soap and rubbing hands is not going to make your hands clean and free of germs. 

K2 class chinese teacher doing the activity with the children.

Nursery children demonstrating how to “wash” hands properly and they were able to do it! 

The children were attentive and participated during the activity. Kudos kids!

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