Yeo Xue Ying (Yang Xueying)

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Yio Chu Kang Blk 611 (CC)

Yeo Xue Ying (Yang Xueying)
14 May

Let’s get handy with our hands!

To let our children have a better understanding about planting, the teacher conducted storytelling session about plants at the community garden. The children have a great time listening to the story about plants in the outdoor environment. Beside having our storytelling outdoor, we also got our children to do hands on activity by doing planting with the styrofoam boxes, which we collected from the market to recycle it. During the activity, the children were excited to feel the soil and lettuce seeds. Through this activity, the children got to experience planting and they also learnt to work cooperatively to do the planting activity in groups. Moreover, they also learnt how to take turns to water the seeds. The children also learnt to take care and appreciate the plants around them too! 

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