Virgie Ross Tasico

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Virgie Ross Tasico
15 Jul 2021


Oh no! Another threat called the Ocean Heroes’ attention- the drastic Plastic Pollution.

Children were provided with images of seas and bodies of water that had been polluted especially by plastic and different kinds of rubbish. Children shared their thoughts and feelings towards this during discussion.

One of the K2 ocean heroes recalled the video he watched before pertaining to the fish trapped in a plastic. He shared, “I feel so sad for the fishes because of many plastic swimming in the ocean, other sea creatures will also think they are food”.

Our K2 teacher showing reusable bags to children and encouraged the children to use them instead of the plastic bags. Children learnt that it takes 10-20 years for plastic bags to decompose.

Children were engaged with activities to promote the 3R’s:Reduce, Reuse and Recycle to fight against Water Plastic Pollution.

K1 Ocean Heroes recognizes that using paper straws rather than plastic straws will be a good alternative for the environment and will lessen the danger and threats marine animals are facing.

Children enjoyed rolling and spinning papers to create a model of a drinking straw.

Involving children through eye opener lessons and activities like these will raise their awareness of the possible effects of using single-used plastic to all the marine creatures. Children will have a better understanding of the world they are living in, and as they grow up they will appreciate the beauty this world has to offer..

From all of us in Skool4kidz Yishun Oleander Breeze, we want to remind everyone that for a better and green tomorrow..

Let’s use less plastic for MORE LIFE and HEALTHIER Oceans!  🌻🐟🦭🐠🐡🦭🐙🦈🐬🐳🐋. 

Stay tuned to our next Ocean Adventure!

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