Agape Little Uni. @ CCK

Agape Choa Chu Kang

Agape Little Uni. @ CCK
14 Aug 2021

Leading up to our launch!

To connect wih our followers on Instagram, A ‘GUESS THE THEME’ contest was held on 29th April 2021! It had 4 pictures that represented 4 words . The answer to the puzzle was the theme of our project! There were prizes for the first 10 families who guessed the correct answers. To have the little ones join in the fun , we decided to give them a hint with the initial of the 4 words which was - CWWD. Can you guess what it is?

Soon after , the answers came flying in and we had a total of 8 correct answers and the winners were presented with lovely prizes . We launched our project on 30th April 2021 on our Instagram to invite all to share and care with us to CONSERVE WHAT WE DESERVE - CWWD.

Children created pledges with recycled materials to start their actions . What about you ? Do visit our IG (@agapelittleunicck) to catch up with the efforts to CWWD of our children and their families. Stay safe and save the earth .

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