.Patsy Oh

Lavender Meadows Academy

.Patsy Oh
26 Jun 2021

Lavender Meadows Academy @ Veerasamy Road

Lavender Meadows Academy launched our first SSDB project on 1 June 2021 with the theme “Compassion”.  Our younger children were introduced into SSDB with a story “The Giving Tree” by S. Silverstein.  The Kindergarten children were led into the project with the story “It’s not nice to be alone” by C. Johnson and G. Cronin. Even in this pandemic period, our children got the opportunity to express their compassion and get connected with the Community.  They were mindful of the less fortunate children and hence made donation-in-kinds to Singapore Children’s Society through their parents’ help. A big Thanks to our parents and guardians who granted the children’s wish.

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