Kelly Chua

Appleland Playhouse

Kelly Chua
25 Mar 2021

Launch of SSDB 2021/ World Water Day 2021

Over the past three weeks, our Nursery One to Kindergarten Two students have learned how precious water is and ways to save water through PUB’s storytelling series (all three storybooks from The Adventures of Water Wally and Sally) and a fun sing-along and dance song, “Turn off the Tap!”.

The three stories have taught valuable lessons on how everyone can keep the water clean, use only what we need and not to waste water.

Nursery One children listening to the story ‘Saving Caleb’. The story teaches us not to litter so as to keep our waters clean.

Nursery Two and Kindergarten One children listening to the story ‘All of the Water is Mine’. The story teaches us to share the water with everyone by only using what we need.

Kindergarten Two children listening to the story ‘Bringing Water to Terry’. The story teaches how horrible it will feel if we have no water and how it takes so much effort to bring water to everyone.

Apart from storytelling, they have also practiced the song ‘Turn off the Tap!” which is about turning off the tap when we brush our teeth, take a shower and wash our hands. 

Here are some of the additional activities done to commemorate World Water Day.

Activity (K2): Turn of the Tap Hands-on learning with a fake tap

Activity (N2): Save Water Pledge 

Click on this link to watch our World Water Day 2021 video.

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