Melissa Ching Sue Teng

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Punggol Shore (EY)

Melissa Ching Sue Teng
9 Jun

Launch of our SSDB Project - Water Matters

For this year’s SSDB project, we have chosen the topic on Water Conservation. The Nursery 2 children will have the opportunity to learn more about water and it’s sources, as well as how we can preserve them.

We embarked on this journey with our introductory question, “Where does water come from?”. With the main question in mind, the children shared their thoughts on where they think water comes from, naturally leading to the array of activities done in class.

The different classes engaged in different activities to extend their knowledge on water. Some of the activists includes:

  • Introducing Water Wally and Sally; our familiar icons of the PUB

  • Reading storybooks to the children (‘Water Sources’)

  • Watching Videos (“Water Droplet’s Adventure”)

  • Creating our own water cycle artworks

  • Conducting experiments on the water cycle

Here are some pictures:

Introductory lesson on “Where does water come from?”

Learning more about the water cycle and creating our own water cycle craft!

Conducting experiments on the water cycle

With that, we look forward to the next step of our project exploring “Why is water important?”

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