Capila Diana Mercado

Kidz Meadow Childcare and Development Centre (Eunos)

Capila Diana Mercado
26 Jul

KME-"WATER Matters- Have A H.E.A.R.T. to Save It"

In supporting PUB’s campaign, our N2-K2 children explored and learnt different ways about water conservation. As we continue to promote our slogan, “Have a H.E.A.R.T. , Lend a Hand”, we believed that their precious H.E.A.R.T.s and tiny HANDs will make a big difference by practising good water saving habits.

Our children started their journey by taking parts in several activities to explore how precious water is and to adopt the good habits in conserving water.

The children listened to Water Wally and Water Sally’s stories and adventures in conserving water and to explore its value and importance.

Our K2 children shared their thoughts about the story and discussed different ways on how they could help Water Wally and Sally to encourage more people and children like them to save water at home and at school.

After listening to the stories, the K2 children made some posters to raise awareness about water conservation, such as turning off the tap after each use, taking quick showers, recycling water (to water the plants and flush the toilet). The children believed that showing those posters to others will surely make a huge difference.

Our K1 children danced to the song “TURN OFF THE TAP” and identified water conservation tips that were mentioned in the song. They also made their very own Water Wally and Water Sally’s poster to show what they have learnt from the song.

Lastly, our N2 children demonstrated on how to save water by turning off the tap after each use and while soaping their hands.

Our children will continue to make a difference by being an example to others and by showing how every drop of water affects our lives with their little ways.

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