Mira Pavitra

Skool4kidz, Sembawang East Creek

Mira Pavitra
8 Sep 2021

Kindness to the Environment - “Thank You, Community Helpers!”

Singapore’s campaign on “Clean and Green Singapore” is a continous effort to inspire Singaporeans to care and protect the environment. The neighbourhood and common spaces is well maintained as the community work together to shape it though our green practices such as recycling, no littering and many more. 

During this project, the children learnt the vital role of a community helper in maintaining the cleanliness of our environment. This led to discussions between children in showing their appreciation to the community helpers.

The children decided to give “Thank You” cards and bake an earth inspired cookies for the community helper. They also created a task list and assigned it to different groups. 

The children were excited in decorating their cards.

After completing their cards, the children then proceed to create their, “Earth Day Cookies” for the community helper. 

For this mini activity, we invited a parent who has a passion for baking to share her special cookie recipe with our children. Through her guidance, we were able to create delicious cookies for the community helpers!

They choose the colour blue and green to represent the Earth as the community helper has been keeping our neighbourhood clean and green.

“We are ready!” The children are excited to present the Earth Cookies to the Community Helper.

Thanking our Community Helper.

When we have gifted all the cookies and cards to our Community Helpers, we had a mini photo session with them.

Our Community Helpers were great full that the children has shown appreciation for their hardwork.

This experience has taught the children to be more aware of how they treat the environment. When we gather back in the classroom, the children shared that they will be more careful in ensuring the environment stays clean so as to not waste the efforts of the Community Helpers.

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