Chong Jialing

Skool4kidz, Sembawang East Creek

Chong Jialing
8 Sep 2021

Kindness to the Environment - 10 ways I can help the Earth

In this activity, the teacher read the book “I Love the Earth” by Todd Parr to the children. In the book, it mentioned about how “I love the Earth and I want to help take care of it”. At the end of the book, there is a chart called “10 ways I can help the Earth”

The children tried to recreate the chart on the mahjong paper by doing it in two groups. They picked the points that they wanted and copied it down on the paper. They even decorated it by drawing it down. 

After they are done with the class collage. The children were split into smaller groups and they did their own Earth collage by writing down ways they can help the Earth. Through the activities, the children were able to verbalize the different points such as “Don’t waste water / Off the lights / Plant a tree and more” as examples to save the Earth. 

We could really tell that the children had better understanding and awareness on how they can be nice to the environment! 

In the video you’ll be able to hear the children sharing about ways they can help the Earth! Enjoy :) 

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