MOE Kindergarten @ Fern Green

30 Aug 2019

KINDNESS GARDEN: Phase 1 - Preparation 📚🎞🎨

Prior to our planting day, our children were involved in preparation work to find out more about gardening and plants. The teachers and children watched some educational videos online and read some library books together.

They found out that plants need sunlight and water to grow. They also learnt more about the growing process and gardening supplies needed, such as soil, seeds, shovel, watering can, fertilizers and plant pots.

Children were also involved in decoration and crafts to further inspire ownership among children. They created a Kindness Garden Signboard for the garden with their hand prints as a form of promise and commitment.

Furthermore, children designed and embellished their individual team’s plant pots with buttons and stones.

Now, we are almost ready for planting! 🤗

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