Chew Jie Ying

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Canberra Blk 468C (EY)

Chew Jie Ying
30 Sep 2022

Kindness Begins with Me

As the children embarked on their SSDB journey, they began with exploring what “Kindness begins with me” means. The children were shown videos of the previous successes and other SSDB projects. They mentioned that they liked all the positive sentiment shared and they feel like they do can do something big.

Well inspired by the efforts of the other children, They were then asked about what they saw and had a discussion about how even children can make all the difference. They mentioned wanting to help the environment as well as being kind does not extend to strictly other people but also the planet that we live on. “We have to be kind to earth, this is our home”. Efforts of conservation like recycling were also up for discussion as they continued to unpack what kindness is for them.

The children showed their appreciation for the front liners through these cards that they have drawn. They each drew a heart representing how much they value the sacrifices that has been made for Singapore to push through this pandemic. This experience has taught them the value of valuing others and every effort has to be celebrated. We hope the children grow to be people that find value in selflessness for the nation and contribute towards a nation of kindness.

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