Huzaimah Binte Zakariah

Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse @ Newton

Huzaimah Binte Zakariah
21 Jul

KiddiSprouts: Terrarium-making and Planting session

Towards the end of the June Holidays, the whole school was involved in creating Terrariums! Parents were given a chance to order Terrariums and the proceeds will be used to purchase tokens of appreciation for our frontliners in the Tan Tock Seng Hospital NCID department.

For the terrarium-making, the children were emphasized on caring for the succulents when transferring it from the pot to the glass container. Apart from that, they were encouraged to be creative when they decorated their terrariums with the figurines and coloured sand! It was quite a sight to see the children enjoying their terrarium creation!

To reinforce the objective of our project, the children were also involved in planting. The children were brought to our outdoor garden to plant some flowers and grow some edibles such as cherry tomatoes, eggplants and lady fingers. Following up with this, the children will be involved in watering the plants and caring the garden area. Hopefully our garden will flourish and the children will be able to appreciate nature more!

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