Beringuela Joanna Paula Aguilar

YWCA Bukit Gombak CDC

Beringuela Joanna Paula Aguilar
6 Aug

Kid Heroes Mission # 2: COVID19 Posters

The Kid Heroes were on to their second mission! This time, the K1 children learned about how can they help spreading awareness about COVID19 in the neighbour hawker centres. One way is by making their own posters!

The children designed their own posters by drawing, colouring, painting, and writing slogans to encourage the people to do their part in making Singapore COVID-free. 

The children proudly showcased their designs and are excited for them to be posted in the neighbour hawker centres! 

They wrote “Let’s be safe together!”, “Be a hero!”, “Stay strong, Singapore!”, and “Help fight COVID 19”. They also added their drawings of the coronavirus, washing hands, wearing a mask, practicing social distancing, etc. These posters are to be given out together with the care packages to the neighbour hawker centres.

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