Kavita Rawat

Khalsa Kindergarten

Kavita Rawat
30 Nov 2023

KHALSA KINDERGARTEN- SSDB FINALE 2023                    Collaboration with the community

Finale: Visit to sree Narayana Mission (Singapore)

At the SSDB Finale, the vibrant spirit of our Kindergarten 2 children illuminated Sree Narayana Mission in Yishun.Enthusiastically, they performed captivating dance to the lively beats of “ Can’t Stop the Feeling,” bringing joy to the elderly people. Simultaneously, a fellow K2 class expressed

gratitude by crafting heartfelt thank-you cards, creating a heartwarming connection between our young learners and the elderly community. A total of $885/- has been collected and donated to Sree Narayana Mission.

Kids were contributing fund to support the Sree

Narayana Mission

Children engaged in polite conversation while presenting handmade cards to the elderly.

Children gracefully presented a dance performance,

and Madam Santi provided snacks and donation.

The Healthy Lifestyle Puppet Show (HPB)

The Healthy Lifestyle Puppet Show, organized by the

Health Promotion Board (HPB), Mr. Charlie has

graciously shared valuable insights on promoting a

healthy lifestyle and cultivating good dietary habits.

The children were actively involved in engaging

sessions, quizzes, and games. The presentation slides

accompanied the informative session, enhancing the

overall impact of this enlightening event.

Children actively participated in Games and quizzes.

Mr. Charlie showcased the importance of good habits.

Children were very focused during the presentation.

Visit at Indian Heritage Centre

Khalsa Kindergarten children participated the Deepavali celebration at the Indian Heritage centre.

Children enthusiastically participated in dance, rhymes, and storytelling activities, showcasing their talents while adorned in traditional costumes. Their

excitement and curiosity were clearly evident

throughout these events.

Children Participants at Indian Heritage Centre

The significant learning from these activities is that the children developed the skills to interact with seniors with respect, empathy, and affection.They expressed immense joy and gratitude to our

elderly. The overall experiences were delightful,

fostering a shared hope for future collaborations!

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