Deepa Bhatt

Khalsa Kindergarten

Deepa Bhatt
12 May

Khalsa Kindergarden <br/># Fight Against Covid 19 # Appreciate Frontline Workers <br/>#SG United

SSDB Launch: We were fortunate to launch our SSDB project before Circuit Breaker Regulations kicked in. This year we all have been facing challenging times all around the world due to COVID-19 virus. As an effort to educate and create awareness to our children about the current pandemic, We chose the theme ‘Caring and Inclusive society for all’. To focus more on caring, we engaged children in discussion to brainstorm about what they can do to show their care and concern.

We came up with few activities,

• 1. Children and teachers collabrate and composed a song with the title ‘ We are not scared of Corono Virus and Children learnt proper handwashing technique.

• 2. Teachers made some puzzles of Soap Heroes related to Covid 19.

• 3. Teachers prepared awareness speech about - Do’s and Don’t’s to help be safe and healthy, 5 Soaper Heros and their role. How are we going to deal with the current situation?

A song was composed by the children along with teachers to have better understanding of the battle against Covid-19 situation. There were activities done across the centre to take precaution and appreciate the Front Line workers

Launch Party- 1st April 2020

Children singing ‘We are not scared of Covid -19

Teacher introduce 5 Soaper Heros

Classroom activities- Appreciating Frontline Workers

K2 level - Prepared cards to appreciate frontline heroes

While understanding frontline workers role children from K1 created Puppets

At the end of the session, children were able to respond to the teachers enthusiastically. They showed happiness and excitement during activity. Children enjoyed the story ‘Super Hero” and were able to answer teachers question actively. Overall, the activity provided children opportunities to aim physical knowledge, social interactive knowledge and constructive knowledge.

Children sat with teachers and expressed their thoughts and how they felt at the end of the activity. They also learnt how to wash their hands, the proper way of wearing mask, etc. Throughout the activity children were communicating, interacting, and enjoying. The atmosphere was friendly and engaging to them to build their social- interactive knowledge. They were able to talk about the virus and tried to predict the conclusion.

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