Virgie Ross Tasico

Skool4Kidz Pte Ltd @ Yishun Oleander B

Virgie Ross Tasico
28 Jun 2021


Our Ocean Heroes dived deep in for our first Ocean Adventure. They were introduced to the beautiful, colourful and vibrant life of corals under the sea!

Children recognized that the corals provide a natural habitat and protection for different sea creatures. 

As per one of our K1 ocean hero, “without corals, fishes will be homeless”.

Children created crafts inspired by the astonishing videos of corals they watched. Our N2 children were engaged in moldings dough to form coral reefs.

K1 children twisted papers to design corals and placed them on a painted egg tray.

K2 made a diorama of the beautiful underwater scene using recycled box.

Children were introduced to Coral Bleaching, one of the threats to corals and is happening now due to global warming, overfishing and marine pollution. They recognized the effects of coral bleaching- corals will turn white.

Children expressed their feelings toward the bleached corals through artworks.

Corals are facing danger now and slowly being destroyed.

As Ocean Heroes, we wanted to show everyone that coral reefs are as important as the sea creatures! If we love Nemo, Dory and their other sea friends, we must love corals, too!

Through big or small ways, we all have a role in protecting the corals! Let’s keep them colourful, healthy and alive! 🌟

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