Nicole Tay

Bright Juniors @ Jurong East

Nicole Tay
7 Oct 2019

Journey of Awareness and Inclusivity

Do you remember our Start Small Dream Big Launch Party – Dine in the Dark? That was just the beginning to learn about people with disabilities! Throughout our 6-month journey, the children were involved in different activities and had visitors who were invited to share more about people with disabilities.

An active discussion took place when people with disabilities were introduced to the children. Lights, camera, action! The children role-played different scenarios where people with disabilities need help. The rest of the children successfully guessed the disability and named the different ways they can help. Through the role-playing activity, the children drew and shared about the kinds of disabilities they were aware of. Paper stars were given to the children for them to draw out the possible ways to help people with disabilities. They also wrote messages and words of encouragement to people with disabilities on a postcard.

Apart from drawing and writing about the disabilities, the children printed their hand prints on a large piece of paper with the Willing Hand. The Willing Hand, is where each finger represents a pledge. “I Will”: give my very best (thumb); go step by step (index finger); play my part (middle finger); keep my promises (ring finger); believe I can (pinky).

Games such as a relay race without using legs, were played by the children for them to experience how it feels like to have a disability. Through the activities, the children were able to experience and understand the people who are different than us, and take a step closer to including everyone!

How do we communicate with the deaf or mute? The founder and director of ExtraOrdinary Horizons, Ms Lily Goh, was invited to educate the children about sign language and more! The children had an eye-opening experience to the daily life of a deaf person. From countering daily struggles at home such as door bells and alarms by using assistive gadgets, to interacting with strangers by signing or using visual help. The children were taught how to sign the alphabets, and eventually signed the Alphabet Song together! To express their appreciation for the valuable learning experience, the children presented a handmade craft to Ms Lily Goh and her assistant.

How do we help people with disabilities in public places? Students from Commonwealth Secondary School were invited to perform skits to the children to teach them the possible ways to help people with disabilities. They acted out different scenarios where people with disabilities are caught in daily situations. Some children volunteered to demonstrate what they would do if they spotted such scenes in person. The children learnt how to apply their knowledge about people with disabilities and managed to solve the problems!

In preparation of the Start Small Dream Big finale and performance, the children learnt and practiced how to sign a song remix: Our Singapore and Little More You. Learning sign language may not be easy. However, the children gave their utmost effort in preparing for the performance. Stay tuned to watch their performance!

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