Teacher Philiz (Seraphiliz Peng)

Mulberry Learning Centre @ Shenton Way OUE

Teacher Philiz (Seraphiliz Peng)
10 Aug

Investigating How Plants Grow 🌱🔎 - How a Seed Grows

Phase 2 : Investigation

Activity: How a Seed Grows

How a Seed Grows by Helene J. Jordan

This book shares the secret of seeds. With the

right combination of water, sunlight, and soil a seed

will send roots down into the ground and shoot

leaves up into the sunlight. Seeds con grow into

flowers or vegetables or even trees. Look inside to

learn the simple steps for turning a packet of seeds

into a garden

Parts of a Plant : Drawn and Labelled

The children referenced the book “How a Seed

Grows” by Helene J. Jordan to identify, draw, and

label, the parts of plant that emerges with each

developmental stage of its growth,

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