Jannini Sivapragasam

Agape Little Uni @ Commonwealth

Jannini Sivapragasam
15 Oct 2021

Introduction to Special Needs

As part of SSDB2020, we had kickstart our project, Friendship Jubliee. Friendship Jubliee aims to build bridges between communities where we foster an environment diversity is being celebrated. 

During our June Holidays, children in Agape Little Uni were being taught about our special needs friends. The aim of educating our children about special needs was to let them realise that we live in a diverse community where we may meet people from all walks of life. Children were learning about the different type of special needs these friends may have and how we could actually help these friends when they need help.

Mr Calvin Lee, an executive from SPD,had given the children a talk via zoom where he shared more information about children with special needs. He had shown children stories for children to have a better understanding of how special needs children go about their days. Children were very intrigued and were more than eager to meet these new friends they were about to make.

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