Su Ying Neo

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Su Ying Neo
27 Oct

Importance of immunisation and sending love from afar

The Kindergarten 1 children discussed the topic on “immunisation”. We talk about what is immunisation and why it is important to get ourselves vaccine. After the discussion, children worked together in groups on their creations. They drew what is immunisation and wrote a message of what they want to convey through this topic.

One of the message from one of the group; “protect yourself - protect others - get immunised.” The message they want to bring across, by getting themselves immunised, children will be able to protect some elderly who can’t get immunised.

After this activity, children worked on creating their own songs on immunisation.

Here are some of the creations they have wrote through songs and drew.

The Kindergarten 2 felt sad that they can’t visit the elderly in homes or some of their grandparents. Some of their grandparents are staying overseas in Malaysia. As such, they can only give virtual hugs, kisses or other forms of “physicial acts” through their video calls.

They have decided to sing a song titled, “Give a Hug”. This is dedicated to the elderly and grandparents. You may select or click to access the link below.

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