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6 May

iCare Project, The kindness Movement - SSDB launch party

My Kiddie Klubhouse’s focus on this year’s SSDB Project will be on kindness. Each individual class teacher used books, puppets and current affairs to introduce kindness to the children.

Children gave ideas on the actions of kindness that they can do. For example: sharing their toys with their siblings, helping their elderly grandmother carry bags from the market, to help pick up litters, keeping the environment clean.

Our launch party started with children penning down all these ideas. MKK children pen them down using words and drawing on their pledge leaves.

Their choices are simple and it’s something that they can do everyday, and be reminded of kindness in their daily lives.

Img: Children pledging to their kindness project in My Kidde Klubhouse and putting their pledge on the kindness tree.

The First Step: Getting our Garden Ready

Children start from caring for the garden, to cleaning up, maintaining, setting up and decorating the garden with new recycled materials.

Image: on a scheduled roster, each class gets to maintain and clean the garden. From picking up rubbish, removing weeds to watering the plants, children contribute within their capabilities to care for our Mkk Kindness Garden.

The Second Step: Beautify the Garden

The next step would be to setup and beautify the environment using recycled materials. We have collected cardboards, Styrofoam boards, stones, tyres and plastic bottles from our mkk staff and parents. These materials will be used to decorate our garden. Children made signages, painted stones and decorated their flower pots. We will also be “adopting” the nearby park and MKK children will work on beautifying it with these recycled materials too.

The third step: adding new plants to our garden

Children gathered and brainstorm on what are the other plants and things that we can add to our existing garden. They want to plant more vegetables, flowers and herbs as these will be main ingredients of our iCare Cafe in the later part of our timeline.

They work hand in hand, helping each other, living up to one of our school values: Teamwork. Each of them do something small and with their efforts, we have a new garden.

Each of them have shown the spirit of SSDB, “Start Small, Dream Big”

No one can do everything, but everyone can do something.

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