Jaslene Peh Hai May

Pat's Schoolhouse @ Lakeside (LA)

Jaslene Peh Hai May
1 Oct 2021

Home-School-Community Partnership @ Pat's Schoolhouse (Lakeside)

In term 3, our Kindergarten children brought home a SSDB home learning kit! Children packed recycled materials into their DIY shirt tote bags and an e-copy of Upcycling Ideas Booklet was shared with them!

Parents spent time with their child to discuss and work on their upcycled creations and here’s some photos taken by them!

There were creative ideas and use of the recycled materials to turn it into items like piggy bank, pencil case, shakers, stationery holder, tilt maze and many more!

Children brought their upcycled creations back to school for show and tell session during the September holiday and here’s photos of them sharing their wonderful creations!

Additionally, Pat’s Schoolhouse (Lakeside) have collaborated with Greensquare to donate recycled textiles. Families helped to pack in recycled textiles like clean clothes and household linen and our kindergarten children, together with the facilitation of our class teachers, checked through the items to make sure that it’s acceptable in school before Greensquare collection on 29th September 2021.

Although this brings us to the closure of our SSDB project, our children will continue to do their part to save our Earth by practising the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)! 

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