Principal Liena

Hi-5 House of Learning Preschool@Joo Seng

Principal Liena
3 Jul 2021

Hi-5👋Juniors Helping the Less Fortunate

It is important as Educators to help children understand why and how to help people in need.

At Hi-5 HOL Preschool@Joo Seng teachers role model and encourage children to develop a habit of helping others which is also 1 of the Centre’s core values.

Especially during this pandemic where many are affected by Covid-19, every help no matter big or small counts!

This year the Centre collaborated with @Babes an organisation supporting young mothers. Mothers are special and uniquely strong beings but sometimes they too need our support.

Hi-5 came up with a donation drive collecting items such as clothes, toys and books which were sorted into boxes creatively decorated by our Hi-5👋 Juniors and staff. A special heart felt letter was also written by our K1 student-Kerensa.

SMDB provides that platform and Centre hopes that this project will be a kickstart to many more opportunities for our children, parents and staff to contribute to the community.

No one can do everything, but together we can do something and change the world

💓🌍💓 SMDB

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