Seri Raihanah

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Seri Raihanah
14 Aug

Heroes of 3Rs - The Green Ambassadors

We want to encourage our K1 and K2 children to be Green Ambassadors and embrace the good habit of recycling. Therefore, before we embarked on our SSDB project, we have asked parents of our K1 and K2 children to assist their child in collecting various kinds of recyclable materials. In school, the class teachers have set-up a recycling corner for the children to deposit their recyclable materials. Using their knowledge on the 3Rs (reuse, reduce and recycle), the children were invited to sort their items accordingly into the different bins.

Since National Day is around the corner, we will empower the children to use their creativity to make various 3-D models of things that represent Singapore. At the same time, we would love to see how our inspiring heroes play their part in promoting the 3Rs as the project progresses.

More updates coming soon!

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