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Good Shepherd Preschool

Miss Teo
15 Jul 2022

GSCKG B.L.E.S.S Project 2022 : Shine with LOVE (Part 8) - Sending out the LOVE

Our ‘SHINE with LOVE’ bags are ready to be sent out to the NKF patients! 🤗

The children carefully helped double-check the bags, ensuring all items were inside. 👍

Next, let’s bundle them up in groups of 10! Ready, go! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5…….

The bus arrived, and the children began carrying the bags into the bus~ The bags were heavy, but we could do it with great teamwork! 🤗

Thank You to our bus auntie and uncle, who were so kind to help us deliver these bags to the NKF Dialysis Centre @ Pasir Ris. 💖

Off we go~

The bags were given out to the patients by the nurses, and they appreciated all the effort, kindness and thoughts by the children, parents and school! ❤️

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