Qiu Baoxian (Joanne)

Bright Kids @ 175D Punggol Field

Qiu Baoxian (Joanne)
15 Jun

Grow well little sprouts☺️

To above and beyond! Our little green fingers had the opportunity to plant our own Xiao Bai Cai plants. By growing our own plants, the K2 children learnt about how sustainability works beyond just taking care of the environment.

By encouraging our children to plant their own vegetables, teaches them the hardship and patience needed to grow crops so they understand the importance of not wasting foods.

The K2 decorating our name labels for their potted plants.

Plant plant plant! Not only did we plant our Xiao Bai Cai, we also remember to water them every other day and check on the plants’ growth.

Tadah! Our little recyclable toilet roll core pots with our self-made name labels.

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