Tamizhmozhi Baskar

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Bukit Batok East Blk 241 (KN)

Tamizhmozhi Baskar
11 Sep 2021

Greener Singapore

This year our Nursery Children at PCF Sparkletots @ Bukit Batok East Blk 241 embarked on the ‘Greener Singapore’ program for the Start Small Dream Big Project.

‘Singapore Green Plan 2030 is a whole- of-nation sustainable development agenda, with firm action plans touching on almost every dimensions of our lives’. We started incorporating sustainable features at our school by firstly educating our little tots on ‘Greener Singapore’ by going green: recycling and upcycling and growing more greener space around us.

Children learnt the importance of ‘growing more trees’ and dwelled in a dreamland ’Greener Singapore’. They worked hand in hand with their ‘First Teachers’ parents and crafted their unique trees and plants from the recyclable materials.  We put all their extraordinary unique creations together and brought their dreams to reality.

They showcased their creations through an exhibition ‘Greener Singapore’ and shared their learning.

This journey not only enriched their knowledge on recycling and greener homes but laid the seeds of ‘Sustainablity’ at the very hearts of our little tots, who are going to be great role models.

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