Patricia Khoo Siew Hua

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Bishan North Blk 441 (kn)

Patricia Khoo Siew Hua
13 Sep 2017

Green Living - Water Conservation

Learning more about our natural resources and how children can conserve these limited resources. Our goals are to make our children who will inherit our world, to become more involved in the green movement with opportunities to explore and learn more about scarcity of water, uses and purpose. And to to bring awareness to the children and community the importance of water in the environment.

Launch Party

We started with getting children to pledge on how they can do their part to save water.

The Project Journey - Exposure and Experience

We begin educating the children the importance of water in our environment and its connection to Green Living.

Experential Learning through field trips were organised. 

Field trip to NEWater

Children pretended to be dirty water going through the process of water purification.

Children attended a workshop to make their own mini rain garden. They learned how water quality can be improved after filtration.

The Project Journey - Exploration

Back in class, children did an experiment on water filtration. They used different layers of materials such as charcoal, seashells, pebbles, & filter sponge, to treat the rain water.

Reduce the negative impacts on Earth via conservation and recycling.

Children explored other efficient ways of saving water. We used recycled containers to collect rainwater.

The Project Journey - Implementation

The rain water was used to carry out mini hydroponic planting if Kang Kong in the class.

An initiation was carried out by the school to encourage the community to use rain water for household use.

Children distributed pamphlets to every neighbourhoods. They shared the importance of water and how it can be recycled in our daily living.

On 16th August, children distributed rain water to the neighbours. They shared the different ways to use the water.

Parents and neighbours shared how the water was effectively used.

We can reduce water by water saving measures such as placing water saving devices in the toilet and taps, showering instead of bathing, collecting rainwater to water for general purpose and introducing water awareness campaigns.The strong partnership with the local communities from PUB & Singapore Environment Council was forged.

Let’s teach our children about how precious water resourses are.” Children of a culture born in a water-rich environment, we have never really learned how important water is to us. We understand it, but we do not respect it. As saying: Water is life, don’t waste it.

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