Wendy Ong Kwee Lan

My First Skool @ Serangoon North Blk 140

Wendy Ong Kwee Lan
13 Mar

Garden to Plate ‘I Value Food’

Children were involved in a discussion of gardening before horticulture. Teachers discussed the importance of eating vegetables, fruits, herbs and shared that the children will be growing vegetables i their mini garden. Teachers emphasized healthy eating and not to waste food as some children do not eat vegetables.

The project will involve children from 18 months to 6 years old. Our children will be excited to set up their mini garden. Children learned gardening skills like find some trays or pots, filled the seed tray with seed compost, moisten the surface of the compost, sprinkle the seeds evenly over the compost. Children explored other class mini gardens during their outdoors and they analysed and made comparisons.

Toddlers and playgroup children enjoyed exploring soil with bear hands and felt the texture. They also sprinkle seeds evenly with teachers guidance.

Nursery children displayed curiosity on mixing grounds and planting seeds. 

K1 and K2 children discussed more on the compost, gardening tools, seeds and the needs of plants to grow. 



Overall children displayed curiosity, well engaged with gardening, cooperated with peers and enjoyed the hands-on experience.

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