Nur Amalina

Kidz Meadow Kindergarten

Nur Amalina
14 May 2021

Garden Safari @ Kidz Meadow Kindergarten Pasir Ris

Inspired from the story of The Curious Garden, the children wanted to bring more colours to the school by setting up a garden. It started small with a sketch plan of our garden and deciding what they wanted to grow.

We collaborated with Nparks in deciding the types of plants that would be suitable for our garden. In addition, we got the parents involved in preparing plant pots using recycled materials.

The children had grown so much love for nature while taking care of their garden. They have also become more appreciative of the neighbourhood cleaners. We recently had an appreciation day and the children design a thank you bookmarks for them.

The children also had lots of fun making their own terrarium and learned how to regrow food from scraps. The highlight of it all was our garden high tea. They experimented with making flavoured tea using their home-grown mint leaves.

We will be closing our project with an eco carnival by end of September. We will be selling products by the children and all profits will be given to our beneficiary.

Below is pictures of our garden before and after 🌿

Close up of our plants 🌷

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