Tamizhmozhi Baskar

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Bukit Batok East Blk 241 (KN)

Tamizhmozhi Baskar
20 Aug 2019

Fundraising with Musical Instruments crafts from recycled materials and Going green

The Nursery children of PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Bukit Batok East Block 241 (KN) joined forces together in our SSDB fundraising project.

Music is one of the most universal ways of expression. Music represents an enjoyable activity in and of itself, but its influence goes beyond simple amusement.

Thus our little tots began to vexplore creating musical instruments, from recycling materials and learning to ‘Go Green’ at the same time, implanting the ideas of Sustainable Development.

They simply turned the cut cardboard pieces into ‘Castanets’ with their magical fingers along with some help from their parents.

They explored further by creating the ‘Maracus’ from the water bottles and toilet paper rolls.

They created ‘Tambourines’ from mere paper plates.

We also held a “Parents’ Workshop” where the children along with their parents created our unique masterpieces of music instruments from recycled materials.

They crafted ‘Jungle Rain sticks’ from the kitchen towel rolls.

They magically turned the toilet paper rolls into beautiful and elegant shakers.

They also beautifully deformed the pet bottles into ‘Magical Maracus’.

Our workshop ended with a variety of unique master pieces of instruments.

Apart from the above crafts, the awesome teachers of Block 241 spent their precious time in exhibiting their talents by creating various crafts: Tissue boxes, Photo frames, Organisers, Holders, Tea candles, Coasters, Book markers, all crafted from reclycled materials and led their school in role modelling in Sustainable Development. We also had plants for sale from our own garden ‘Garden by the tots’.

The grand day arrived on the 8th August. We organised the Fundraising event to sell our unique authentic instruments magically crafted with immense details by our caring children, enthusiastic parents and marvellous teachers.

Thus our great project of our SSDB concluded itself. At this moment we appreciate EVERY effort and participation by all our Nursery children💞. We express our deepest graditude to all the N2 parents for their everlasting support 💐🙏 and to all the magnificient teachers. Three cheers to Team 241👏👏👏.

The fund will be donated to the Autistic Association of Singapore.

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