Nurul Athirah Binte Hazmi

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Keat Hong Blk 435 (CC)

Nurul Athirah Binte Hazmi
12 Aug

From Waste to Wonders: Part 2 - Designing Our Pots!

The next step for our little SSDB project was to design the plant pots that we’ll be making from donated plastic bottles!

The K1s started their day by watching a video on upcycling to gain some inspiration and off they go! They were given templates to draw and colour on and were told to pen their creativity onto their papers! They also managed to start on their Reflection Journals. What a productive day!

Watch our video where we show you the K1 children at work! We also showcased some of them explaining their designs in the video!

Meanwhile, the K2s also designed their own gardening pots. They completely free-handed theirs and some even indicated where to cut the bottles!

Here are some of the K2s’ completed designs!

The children loved designing their own plant pots and can’t wait to begin the next stage of the project! Stay tuned for the next part where they will bring their designs to life and paint their plastic bottles. 🥳

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