Little Footprints Preschool (Jurong West 976)

11 Sep 2023

From Scraps to sprouts : Cultivating Sustainability through food waste and regrowth.

N-K2 children were engaged in a captivating story about growing food scraps and its environmental benefits. They learned how this practice contributes to saving the environment. Through activities like stamp printing and creating posters, the children learned the importance of reducing food waste and promoting sustainability. This immersive experience empowered them to become advocates for positive environmental change. 

Nursery children took a field trip to the local garden to learn about the different plants cultivated by community members. Following that, they were introduced to the story titled ‘Growing Food Scraps.’ Together with their teacher, the children collected food scraps and collaboratively engaged in a craft activity. This experience provided the children with insights into environmentally friendly practices such as reusing food scraps to contribute positively to the environment.

K1 and K2 children embarked on a visit to the nearby garden to discover the diverse array of plants nurtured by members of their community. Subsequently, they were introduced to the story of ‘Growing Food Scraps.’ The children gathered food scraps, mainly from vegetables, explored them, and engaged in experiments to foster their growth. Ultimately, the children crafted a poster aimed at promoting awareness about this initiative.

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