Mabel Chua

Kanooka School House Pte Ltd

Mabel Chua
30 Jul 2020

From a box to BOX

A challenging year for everyone of us especially for the children. These young minds struggled to adapt in this “New Normal” world. And to ensure their safety, we started to think how to keep them safe and save Mother Earth as well. 

Kanooka School House Pte Ltd’s SSDB Mascots shared their ideas to everyone. 

START and SMALL started encouraging everyone to recycle boxes. The neighbours also started sharing us boxes to make the table guard shield. 

DREAM started to imagine how the table guard shield  made from recycled boxes can help and make a change for us. Who would have thought that a box can BOX the kids out from danger? 

And a big change was done. BIG was so happy to see how the small things help the children. 

It is indeed an amazing act of change for the better. We, together with our SSDB Mascots strongly believe that, “No one can do everything but everyone can do something!”

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