Vejayalashimi D/O Muthukkumar

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Potong Pasir Blk 14 (KN)

Vejayalashimi D/O Muthukkumar
1 Oct 2020

Fostering Inclusiveness around us – Preparing care packages (3)

Parents of all levels were informed about the donations and about ‘Food from the heart’. There was an overwhelming response for the donation drive. Parents, very graciously and generously, donated many non perishable food items.

Children and staff came together to check the expiry dates of the items and sorted the items out. The sorted items were packed into boxes to be transported.

Delivery service was kindly provided by ‘Food from the heart’. They came to the centre and picked up the donated goods. These were then, sent to their distribution centre, where it was further sorted and packed. The items were sent out to many needy families around Singapore.

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