Emma Pacala

Sunflower Kinderhub @ AMK

Emma Pacala
18 May

For the Young and Young at Heart: The Launch Party

For the Young and Young at Heart— _Building stronger connections between generations.

Our Start Small Dream Big Launch Party begins with the introduction to what SSDB is about. We introduced the characters Start, Small, Dream, and Big to the children.

Experiencial learning is important in making this project more meaningful to each child involved, thus, to make way for more fun, we gave them the task to give life to each SSDB character by painting them, and putting colours to our project banner as well.

We have gathered enormous support from the children’s grandparents and it was indeed an experience that helped deepen their relationships.

Learning about how their grandparents’ childhood were like back then, in side-by-side comparison with the children’s current childhood now, helps both generations understand and appreciate that no matter the gap in years, some innate interests remain similar over time.

We capped off our Launch Party with these group photos with our painted project banner, Start, Small, Dream, and Big.

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