Kelly Chua

Appleland Playhouse

Kelly Chua
30 Sep 2021

Exploring the Gardens and Parks: Know our Trees, Love our Nature!

In this month, the K1 children went outdoors to stay connected to nature. They embarked on a beautiful journey in getting to know more about the common trees that can be found in Singapore, as well as to appreciate the nature around us.

We started our learning journey by going on a virtual tour to the Singapore Botanic Gardens and Fort Canning Park, which are videos uploaded by the National Environmental Agency (NEA). Children learned about some of the flora and fauna that can be found in Singapore, such as Rain tree, Tembusu tree, Saga tree, tiger orchid, plantain squirrel, Malayan water monitor and many more! We had a creative drawing session as children are invited to draw some of the trees they saw in the videos.

Next, we involved parents to join us in this meaningful project by inviting them to bring their child to a nearby garden or park. It served as a good parent-child bonding activity as they are encouraged to explore around and have meaningful conversations about the things they see. Children were asked to choose an interesting plant during their trip and take a photograph with it, while parents share them with us.

The children had a wonderful time in school as we had a show-and-tell session, where the photographs were shown to the class and each child had the opportunity to share with us the plant that they had chosen. It was an interesting learning session for everyone, including the teachers, as children shared various details about their trip and the reasons behind choosing the specific plants that they took photograph with.

Lastly, children were asked to collect various types of fallen leaves from their trip to the garden or park to school for a beautiful collage craft! We even had an impromptu learning session as some of the children were excited to share with us some interesting leaves they brought in! For the craft activity, children took the time and effort to paste the leaves into the butterfly template diligently. It was heartening to see them hard at work, concentrating in creating their lovely butterfly.

Overall it has been a delightful experience for the children and we were exhilarated to see the tremendous support parents had given us! We are confident that through this learning project, the children had gained more knowledge and develop better appreciated for our nature.

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