Revathi Tanggaraju


Revathi Tanggaraju
29 Jun 2018

Environmental Crusaders in Action!

In line with our SSDB Project on cultivating our own herbs garden, we embarked on our first excursion to HortPark with our friends and Teachers from the K1 and K2 class. Through this trip we hope to broaden our knowledge and learn more about plants so that we can create our own herbs garden back at school.

We started off on an exciting  adventure discovering all the green treasures in the Pitter Potter Garden. We learnt more about the life cycle of plants, different plant parts and their uses.

We also got to engage our senses as we explored and experienced some of the plants. We smelt different kinds of flowers and leaves and also got to touch some of them. We were certainly awed by the beautiful flora and fauna surrounding the park. 

Finally, we got to the most exciting part of our excursion. We tried our hands at planting some seeds on our own mini pots with the help of the facilitators. Our  excursion ended with the facilitators sharing with us some tips and advice on how to take care of our seeds and ensure that they grow into healthy plants. 

With all that we have learnt from our trip, we are now ready to start our own herbs garden back in school. Stay tuned for more updates and pictures on our exciting project.

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