Aananth Jude Sharlene Bihag

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Teck Ghee Blk 415 (CC)

Aananth Jude Sharlene Bihag
16 Oct

DIY TV - Show and Tell

In conjunction with our “Save the Earth” advocacy, children expressed their thoughts on why there’s a need to save our motherland and cited ways on how to contribute towards its sustainability.

After an interactive discussion, children then illustrated a portrait that depicts an act of saving the Earth. 

Providing children with opportunity to contribute in their own little ways and collaborate with others is indeed a good social platform.

Making a DIY TV out of recycled items did not just unleash children’s  creativity but also also let them apply the basic 3Rs into practice. 

Besides being able to express themselves, they also get to communicate with others and encourage them to take part of the said campaign.

Children taking turns in showcasing their art portraits and discussing relevant learning points on how to save the Earth.

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