Siti Subaidah Binte Supandi

Skool4Kidz Campus @ Yishun

Siti Subaidah Binte Supandi
2 May 2023

Designing our own Litter Bin

Prior to this activity, the K2 children were introduced to the ‘Anti-Littering’ campaign. Through the discussions, they have identified the consequences of people not disposing of the litter appropriately. Children also identified some other ways and measures that Singapore has implemented to stop littering and promote the Anti-Littering campaign, such as imposing fines, corrective works, and inviting volunteers. 

In this activity, they were encouraged to create their own litter bin using the art materials provided. They understand that to be a socially responsible citizens, they have to continue to not litter as to play a part in keeping the environment clean. 

The teacher was discussing and raising awareness on the ‘Anti-Littering’ campaign. 

The children were engrossed in designing their very own litter bin!

I am playing my part to keep the environment clean. ~Abbigail

The happy children were showing off their litter bin where they are going to use it in the classroom to throw their litter in it.

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