Jillene Koh

Kinderland Preschool @ Marine Parade

Jillene Koh
16 Aug

Delivering with love

COVID-19 has hit us hard and all of us has been trying to adapt and adjust to the new norm. It was not easy for us to stay home during circuit breaker but we did it to protect everyone and to prevent the virus from spreading further. Through this pandemic, children have picked up many knowledge about this whole situation. We have also been highlighting the bravery and hard work of our frontline healthcare workers.

Besides showing our appreciation and encouragement to the healthcare workers, we have also expanded our essential workers scope. We discussed about the days when we had to stay home and think of ways to fill our hungry stomach. Some children mentioned that they got their food from restaurants or “mummy would call and food would come”. This was how we introduced delivery men who are also part of our essential workers. The K1s mentioned that it can be dangerous for delivery men if they were to ride or drive fast on the road and that accidents can happen when they rush to deliver our food.

With that, our K1s created encouraging stickers for the delivery men while our Nursery children helped to pack the items into the joyful packs. Once our joyful packs were ready to be delivered, we got some help from parents who brought their children to various shops and some even went the extra mile to pass these joyful packs to delivery men on the streets.

Besides blessing and thanking our hardworking delivery men, we even gave our joyful packs to parents who are frontline healthcare workers. We are so happy that our little acts could bring joy in others’ lives. Indeed, a little kindness goes a long way.

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