Tamizhmozhi Baskar

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Bukit Batok East Blk 241 (KN)

Tamizhmozhi Baskar
25 Sep

Creation of traditional games and strengthening the family bonding during this Pandemic period and Giving back to their Society

The K2 children of PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Bukit Batok East Block 241 (KN) explored and created Traditional Games from recyclable materials. They exemplified the values of ‘Going Green’ and practiced the Implementation of Sustainable Development.

The Covid 19 Pandemic made us face many hindrances and challenges, which were new to us and also for our little tots. However we fought against hand in hand with perseverance and persistence. Our tots were kept engaged and enriched through creating Traditional games from recycled materials.

They dwelled into their fabulous Creativity Cloud and came out with exotic unique colourful creations of the Traditional Games with the guidance of their ‘First Teachers - Parents’. This deepened their strength of their family bond. It enhanced their knowledge on the Traditional games and their significance. It also enriched spending their time in a ‘Purposeful Play’.

They learnt to share their memorable joyful moments with their peers, highlighting their values on ‘Sharing’. They enjoyed the sharing of their creations with their peers in their classrooms.

They did not stop at ‘Sharing their stories’ but extended and enhanced their classroom bonding by playing their unique Traditional Games with their peers and took rotations to experience every nostalgic moment of playing the Traditonal Games.

Not only did they share their games, they also exchanged their Traditional Games with their peers, and brought them home. This instilled the values of ‘Giving back to their Society’. This exchange gave them an opportunity to play other creations too. They were thrilled to play other games with their family members. It brought back fond memories to the parents on their childhood.

Furthermore, they went one step ahead and chose few Games to donate to the ‘Builders of their present society - the Elders’ at ‘Ren Ci’ Elderly Home.

All the elders appreciated the children’s efforts as it took them back to their childhood days and made them nostalgic. They thanked and blessed all our pretty wonderful souls of our Tots.

Thus our story of ‘Giving back to Society’ ended with wonderful blessings and unforgettable memories of FUN of playing the recycled Traditional Games.

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