Melissa Ching Sue Teng

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Punggol Shore (EY)

Melissa Ching Sue Teng
24 Sep

Creating our recycling bins and sorting recyclables! - Our Green City (part 5)

Combining cardboard boxes, we created three recycling bins - Plastic, Metal and Paper. These recycling bins were placed at a common area in the school for the children to learn how to sort their rubbish and to encourage other children and teachers to participate in the act of recycling. The children used recycled materials to decorate the bins and learnt how to sort the items accordingly. While sorting the items collected from their community, there were some items collected that were not appropriate for recycling; some were not washed or were made of materials that were unsuitable for recycling. The children now have a better idea of what can be recycled and what cannot.

The children were also introduced to the large blue recycling bin within our school compound. They brought down bags of remaining recycled items and had the chance to throw the materials in by themselves. Many of the children recognised the blue recycle bin and mentioned that they have seen it around their neighbourhood.

Putting together and decorating our recycle bins!

Learning how to sort and sifting our items that cannot be recycled

Sorting in action!

Recycling at the large blue recycling bin!

We are almost done with our journey and we are left with constructing Our Green City! With the materials collected, they children would be creating different sculptures like buildings or transport that would be put together to create Our Green City.

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