Raden Nur Afiqa Binte Norazlan

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Tampines North Blk 443 (CC)

Raden Nur Afiqa Binte Norazlan
15 Oct 2021

Creating 3D crafts for SSDB Fundraising - June Holiday Program

In the month of June, children created 3D crafts to be sold for the fundraising event for SPCA. These crafts were made using the recycled materials, sponsored by the Preschool Market and contributions from the parents. Children were very innovative and took magnificent efforts to plan their creations and managed to come out with various types of 3D crafts such as home accessories and storages. Apart from the K2 children, children from PG to K1 also took part in the fundraising event!😻🎉✨

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