Amanda Tan

My First Skool @ Marine Terrace Blk 18

Amanda Tan
7 Jan 2020

Community Outreach: 3M Step-up Challenge with Elders

In conjunction with the 3M Step-up Challenge, the children and teachers carried out a workout session with the elders from Montfort Care GoodLife.

Moving to The Great Singapore Workout video and familiar National Day songs

Our Nursery children prepared refreshments for the elders as the K1 and K2 children participated in the workout.

At the end of the session, the elders enjoyed a refreshing treat, received the acts of kindness tissue packs and hi-5s and hugs from the children.

Nursery children handing out fruit kebab

Each elder who participated received our tissue packs of kindness

The children and elders had a fun workout session!

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