Lim Mein Lee

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Bukit Batok East Blk 285C (KN)

Lim Mein Lee
29 Jun

Community - From A Child's Perspective

‘Start Small Dream Big (SSDB)’ - children are never too small to start dreaming. Together with their classmates and teachers, the Nursery2 children in our preschool explored their passions and supported each other’s aspirations in class. Even as the COVID-19 pandemic led to the cancellation or scaling-down of many school activities and projects, the children’s dreaming never stopped; they are joined by their families at home with the introduction of the Circuit Breaker and home-based learning.


Ethan would like to express gratitude to everyone in our community who had shown care to anyone in need during this pandemic. A picture speaks a thousand words and a ‘Thank You’ represents a million hearts.

Stay Home Stay Safe - Circuit Breaker inspired Madhesh and Mummy to design a poster that shows appreciation for our ‘Health Heroes’.


Let’s reach for the clouds… at home! A glass of water, matches and an ice-pack are all you need for this cloud-making experiment. Led by Daddy, Chloe and her sister discovered the ideas behind the concepts of evaporation and condensation in the cloud-formation process.

He picked seashells from the seashore; and learned the ABCs! Despite being thousands of miles away from school, Pranav and Mummy never forgot the importance of learning while awaiting their flight back from India.

With schools closed and parents working from home, spending quality time together was a rainbow amid this storm for Xinyu and family. These strengthened bonds were lovingly expressed through Xinyu’s illustration of her Happy Family Portrait!

This is the moment where Shine had the time to dig deeper into the World of Dinosaurs. Taking learning beyond the classrooms, Shine brought his favourite dinosaur, the Ankylosaurus, back ‘to life’ with playing dough.


The true epitome of starting small and dreaming big, Danurdev set himself in a tractor to learn the ropes of self-sufficient farming on his family’s plantation in India. Hopefully his actions can do a part to popularise the culture of urban farming in Singapore.


It’s truly a blessing to have siblings at home with you during the long circuit breaker. Ariq, together with his two elder siblings, Aniq and Aleeya, tried growing green beans with three little pots. Even though the plants did not grow as much as the children hope, Ariq experienced constructive fun and meaningful bonding with his siblings. Thank you Mummy for being creative and supportive!

It was a family affair for Candice when her grandma dedicated her time to guide Candice through the experience of growing the food her granddaughter loves - bean sprouts! It was a bountiful harvest and they enjoyed their sweet success with Bee Hoon and Spring Rolls, skilfully prepared by Grandma!


Danny likes to eat Chicken Rice and he even helped with the cooking! Greatly appreciate Mummy for incorporating learning with food preparation by allowing Danny to measure and count the ingredients.

Candice has proven the quote of ‘Good Food Good Mood’ while making pizza at home! Looks Yummy! May I have one slice too?

What can we do with overripe banana? Let’s bake banana muffins! Elyas and his brother, Eijaz, spent a fun yet educational day with Mummy!

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