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Cabusas Myleen Genes
9 Jul 2021

Collaboration with Parents

 During our Launch Party, children were introduced to our chosen community partner which is the Dyslexia Association Singapore via virtual platform.

Indeed, children showed eagerness to help the children with dyslexia from the DAS. Therefore, the children from PG to K2, with the guidance of their respective teachers, made lovely crafts.

❤️PG children decorated the string bags through hand printing and transformed them into colorful string bags. They named it “Secret Pouch of Happiness”

❤️N1 children created an amazing photo holder made of decorated stones and wire. They named it “Stone of Life”.

❤️N2 children unleashed their creativity by decorating the tote bags through hand printing. They named it “Share and Care Tote Bags”.

❤️K1 children designed the wooden boxes and transformed them into personalized jewelry box. They named it “Trove of Love”.

❤️K2 children reused the unwanted glass bottles and transformed them into fascinating glass bottle art. They named it “Bottle of Life”.

As part of the collaboration with parents to promote kindness and caring, we held our fundraising through selling the crafts that children have made.

Parents showed unwavering support and cooperation to our fundraising and we have gratefully received $2588.40 from parents. 

All the proceedings will goes to our partner:Dyslexia Association of Singapore!

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